Man Takes Off Pants, Drives Stolen Truck into Southwest Airlines 737


Man Takes Off Pants, Drives Stolen Truck into Southwest Airlines 737

On Thursday night a man who is reportedly a meth addict stole a pickup truck and drove it into the landing gear of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 in Omaha.

Southwest Airlines 737

The 35 year old, Delairo Koonce, parked a pickup that actually belonged to him in the airport’s garage. He proceeded to the front of the terminal where he screamed that people were trying to kill him.

A police officer approached, and he headed back to the garage. He climbed a fence. And then, he took off his pants.

And that’s when things started to go off the rails.

Inside the airport’s perimeter near the south ramp, Koonce stripped off his shirt and got inside an unlocked and running Southwest Airlines pickup parked just outside the airline’s office, Conahan said.

Police cut him off as he drove, but he doubled back, then headed under a jet bridge. Six to seven minutes after the incident began, Koonce, wearing only boxer shorts, drove into the nose gear of a Southwest plane parked at Gate 17.

The plane’s “nose gear tires were flattened” and there was a reported $1 million worth of damage. Everybody got hurt:

  • The plane
  • The pilot, whose knee hit a console in the cockpit when the truck struck
  • A flight attendant, who hit her elbow when the plane was jolted
  • And the perpetrator, who climbed over a barbed wire fence, and who hit his head on the truck’s windshield when it crashed into the plane.

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