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January 26th 2017 by THEFASHIONGUITAR

Meanwhile back home… My initial plan was shoot these two looks while we were skiing in Canada. When that didn’t work out due to logistics, I figured I could shoot it in a park after it snowed to create the perfect urban ski-editorial. But it didn’t snow… not one single day. Not over the Holidays, not in the New Year…I saw my whole plan melt away like snow on a sunny day.

Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar Avenue32 Perfect Moment skiwear

How could I make this work so that you would love it as much as I put my heart into creating it? For a little while I imagined fantastical photoshop mountaintops – me not really being on a mountain – even more obvious by a pop-art effect – sounds pretty cool right? Well, that happened to not be an option either, because I don’t have the patience nor the photoshop-shortcuts!

Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar Avenue32 Perfect Moment skiwear

A new plan had to be put in place; I had to create the Perfect Moment – yup, that’s in fact the brand’s name, for real – to shoot this in the middle of a hustling and bustling city.

Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar Avenue32 Perfect Moment skiwear

Thank god I found the Perfect Moment on Monday morning, just before the weather turned from sunny to extremely sad and gray, and just before my photographer headed to Paris. Nothing in these photos make sense to me, or at least nothing about the looks and the backdrops, yet I love them. The recreation of those Perfect Moments I had in mind when preparing this shoot turned out just as I wanted: retro ski vibes and an uber snow bunny moment. It’s all real, 100% me and nobody got harmed in the process, other than a few very shocked citizens after seeing my climb up those rocks in my ski-boots…

Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar Avenue32 Perfect Moment skiwear

Thank you for the great ski-wear inspiration, and all the other “new season” inspiration I got from shopping on your website. I can’t wait to wear my slides and floral skirts again, but until these Arctic temperatures are over, I’m afraid I have to stick to merino wool jumpsuits, and ski-suits in the city! Back to you, Paris!

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